About ICICI Value Discovery Fund Direct Plan-Growth


This article is talking about the ICICI value discovery fund direct plan growth. You should think about what is ICICI esteem disclosure finance. It is a reserve of ICICI which is an open-finished venture subsidize. This sort of store has targets to produce the profits to the financial specialists by putting resources into the great worth supply of the top organizations. These shared assets are putting your cash in the top organizations at low rates. Everybody needs to satisfy their craving. So individuals need to take a store to settle their occupation. For this, they need to settle their cash which further gives them cash for their future and give them cash to their employment.

Fund Direct Plan-Growth

Fund Details:                                                                                                                          

Fund Manager: Mrinal Singh, Priyanka Khandelwal

Company structure: open-ended investment company

Risk Level: Moderately High Risk

Fund Type: equity

Benefits and Disadvantages of Value Discovery Fund:

 This type of Mutual fund is called multicap fund this type of fund invests the money in the companies which have the below and fair intrinsic value. As you know every fund have their risk which is the possibility of your money collapse. But the risk in this fund is lower than the benchmark as compared to it. This fund is beat the benchmark in over 5 years and 10 years. But the only problem in this fund is that it is underperformed in the counts of 1year and 3 years of the period. Which means it is less valuable for the short period.


Risk level :

The risk level in this scheme is moderately high because of short period investment.  So you are advised to take a long period of investment which gives you better returns and better profits.


Top Companies which are holding this fund :

Companies                                                                                                 % of HOLDING

Infosys Ltd                                                                                                  9.52%

Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries Ltd                                                     8.04%

Trips                                                                                                            7.95%

Bharti Airtel Ltd                                                                                          6.77%

NTPC Ltd                                                                                                     5.86%

Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd                                                                      5.35%

PI Industries Ltd                                                                                          4.66%

63 DCMB 17032020                                                                                  3.71%

ITC Ltd                                                                                                          3.67%

Wipro Ltd                                                                                                    3.57%


Exit loads  of the  Fund:

This is the type of cost which the investor needs to bear. If the person sells the fund in a predefined period. So this type of fund is equity-type the equity-type funds or schemes have an exit load of 1% if the units are sold In the year of buying.


ICICI  Value Discovery fund direct growth Nav:

 The word  Nav used in the funds is stands for the Net Asset Value. Net Asset Value is mainly used in the open-ended funds and shares. This fund issues and calculates the price that depends on the shares and interest which is called Nav of the fund. On the date of 31st March 2020, the NAV of the fund is 109.46 crore. This also shows us ICICI value discover fund direct plan growth. The minimum Sip amount is INR 100. And the minimum lumpsum amount is INR 1,000.



Here you see all the details about the ICICI value discovery fund direct plan growth. This fund is very suitable for you to invest in a long period. So you can try for this fund. it beats the benchmark for the long term investment. This fund has a moderately high risk.

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